My name is Jonas Maretti Gress. I’m 27 years old and I’m currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in software development at Dania Games.

One of the first games I ever played was Crash Bandicoot 2, from back in the day on our PlayStation 1. As I led the pixilated bandicoot through various levels, I quickly knew that I had a passion for video games.

This passion only grew throughout the years as I joined the PC master race and I got my hands on a lot of other popular titles. I quickly concluded that video games are awesome, and I wanted to be a part of the team making them.

Jonas, 27 years old, currently living in 8500 Grenå

The first step in this journey started when I decided to study 3D modelling and animation at 3D College.

After completing the six month speed course at 3D College, I decided to change career paths. 3D College put a lot of their focus into architectural visualizations which discouraged me, because my passion was with creating games. In the end I also felt like the new skillset I’d learnt at 3D College wasn’t enough to make games. And that’s a problem, because I wanted to make games.

Which let me to Dania Games, this place had to be it right? I mean they have freaking games in their name!

And it was. After three and a half years I’ve managed to get a degree in Computer Science, soon a Bachelor’s degree in Software Development and a whole lot experience with creating video games. The time I’ve spent here at Dania Games has given me skills in coding, project leading and game design. Which has only led me more hungry to further expand my knowledge in the game development world. That’s also why I’m currently taking a one-year course in game producing on the side.

That is the short version of how got to the place where I am at today. Other than all that, I’m a great guy if you ask me, with a lot of confidence (obviously). I play some killer drums, live for office pranks and I’m always down for a good end of the week brew.