Protokit is a toolkit for helping game designers create 2D video games without any coding knowledge. Smack on the premade scripts such as ‘movement’ and ‘jump’ on your character sprite, and with a quick few adjustments in the user friendly inspector you’ll have a live playable character in no time!

Protokit was the second project I worked on during my time at Ahoot Media. They wanted a tool that could be used by teachers/students to teach/learn game design, without the intimidating aspect of coding. Our job was to create scripts with basic game functionality and a user friendly inspector. The inspector needed to be able to adjust different aspects of the scripts, such as bullet speed and projectile count on a shooter script for example.

Personal tasks in project:

  • Creating several different basic game mechanic scripts, such as jumping, movement, shooting, dashing, camera following, etc.
  • Designing small game scenes to showcase the scripts in action, usually through copycat scenes of known games such as binding of Isaac and Flappy Birds.
  • Customizing the Unity inspector with different features such as tooltips, dropdown menus and slick design.
  • Testing and adjusting the tool based on feedback from Ahoot Media

Genre: Educational

Platform: PC

Language: C#

Engine: Unity