Rip-It is an exciting game where you get to battle it out with your best buddies and finally decide who’s the origami champion of the group. That’s right, gather your friends and play through a bunch of paper related challenges such as folding the funniest hat, ripping a piece of paper into 13 even pieces or maybe just ripping the biggest paper strip you’ve ever seen?

Rip-It was one of the two projects I got to work on, during my time interning Ahoot Media. We worked together with a designer friend of Ahoot Media that had the main pitch for the idea. Our job was to follow the designer’s vision for the game and create the game in unity based on the design documentation.

Personal tasks in project:

  • Creating several different scripts for in-game mechanics such as menu’s, highscore sorting and deck building (challenge cards)
  • Creating a functional UI based on a designer images
  • Testing and debugging the game on different android devices

Genre: Party Game

Platform: Android

Language: C#

Engine: Unity