Onkel Rejes Fede Spil

Onkel Rejes Fede Spil is kids game based on the ramasjang kids show “Onkel Reje”. In the game you have to take on no less than 29 different minigames, as Onkel Reje has to shoot aliens, punch ninjas and make extremely loud farts!

Onkel Rejes Fede Spil is the second official game release that I’ve gotten to be a part of, at Ahoot Media. The game idea was first pitched for DR (Danish Radio) who decided to pick it up. We have since then worked together with DR and Mads (Onkel Reje), to develop this mad app of 29 minigames. If you’re interested in trying the game – then it is available on the official Ramasjang app.

Personal tasks in project:

  • Creating several of the minigames for the app, including all the minigames seen in the screenshots above.
  • Quality assurance and testing – both in regards bugs, but also general game difficulty and balancing.

Genre: Kids Games

Platform: Ramasjang Appen

Language: TypeScript

Engine: Phaser 3