Subject 404

Subject 404 is a escape room / puzzle game where you have to escape from your underground prison. As you traverse through various cells, sewers and laboratories you can only begin to grasp the horrible purpose of this hidden underworld.

Subject 404 was my first big project in unreal engine. With three months dedicated to this project alone, I decided to focus on creating a world that the player could truly immerse themselves in. This meant that I was mainly 3D modelling and creating materials throughout the whole project, with the exception of a few blueprints.

Personal tasks in project:

  • 3D Modelling 150+ meshes
  • Creating 30+ unique materials
  • Creating a few shaders using unreal shader graph
  • Level design and a few puzzle designs
  • Blueprint coding for various features such as doors, lights and the infamous cauldron

Genre: Gloomy Puzzle/Escape room

Platform: PC

Language: C#

Engine: Unreal Engine