In Spellcast you have to let out your inner wizard and conjure up words to score the most points and defeat your foes! Throughout several game modes, you can challenge friends, strangers or the friendly AI to battle, to truly see who has the quickest wit of all!

Spellcast is the game I worked on while working at FRVR Studio Ursus. The game was developed together with Discord and is also out on Discord Activities for Nitro users today. I joined development after the game had already been released in its base state. Which meant I got to work on adding additional game modes and features to the game.

One of these game modes was a single player campaign system which included advanced AI opponents, an enchantment system that added special rules to the map and a booster system giving the user powerful potions to use in battle.

The other game mode was a 2 vs 2 matchmaking system, where two friends could queue up and find two other random players and battle it out.

On Spellcast my main focus was on coding and implementing the features mentioned above and also being part of the game design phase for both game modes. I worked together with a game designer and a developer/product manager throughout the whole project.

Personal tasks in project:

  • Coding core features for the game.
  • Quality assurance and testing.
  • Game design and prototyping.
  • Bug fixing and polishing.

Genre: Word puzzles

Platform: Discord / Web

Language: JavaScript

Engine: FRVR Inhouse Engine