Dania Games – Software Development

2020 – Present

A bachelor following up on Computer Science, advancing into Software Development specialized in video games.

Dania Games Software Developer

Dania Games – Computer Science

2017 – 2020

Computer Science specialized in video games.

Dania Games Computer Science

Tørring Gymnasium

2010 – 2013

Gymnasium majoring in English and Music.

Tørring Gymnasium

Game Producer

2020 – Present

A Game Producer course that I am taking while studying Software Development. This course teaches Game Producer skills, such team leading, project management and business development.

Game Producer

3D College

2016 – 2016

Introductory course to 3D modelling and animation.

3D College


Ahoot Media


I interned at Ahoot Media during my internship while studying Computer Science. In my internship I worked on several Ahoot Media projects such as Rip-It and Protokit which can be seen in the projects section.

Ahoot Media

Favrskov Gymnasium


Worked as an exams guard during the 2017 summer exams at Favrskov.

Favrskov Gymnasium

TDC Hosting

2014 – 2016

Worked at TDC hosting for two years as Hotline and Business supporter. My job was to deliver customer support on our products, focused on phone, internet and mail via phone or mail.


Bredsten-Gadbjerg School


I interned as a teacher for three months at Bredsten-Gadbjerg School. These months included teaching Music and English to students from the grades 0th to 8th and working as an afterschool teacher.

Bredsten-Gadbjerg School



  • Experienced: C#, Danish, English
  • Average: C++, Python, XML
  • Beginner: Java, Chinese

Other Programs and Software

    • 3D Studio Max
    • Photoshop
    • Visual Studio/Code
    • Devops
    • Trello


    • Unity
    • Unreal Engine
    • MonoGame


    • Wow Mythic Raider
    • Almost professional POE build creator
    • I once played 70% of a song on expert mode in guitar hero without looking at the screen