In Outbreak you are part of a taskforce sent to Kenya to handle a potential pandemic. In the first scenario of the game, you have to deal with the deadly infection cholera. Throughout the game you have to solve interactive puzzles / experiments to further determine the cause of the outbreak. You are also faced with tough choices that have costly consequences, should you pick wrong.

Outbreak is one Ahoot Media’s own official games – although it isn’t officially released yet, it is quite far in the development process. Outbreak is an educational game focused on teaching biology to gymnasium students. The gameplay focusses on testing and improving the students biology knowledge, using interactive puzzles, quizzes and ethical choices. Early in development, the game received financial support from Novo Nordisk fonden which helped kick off the project. On this project I’ve been the main developer, working together with an intern.

Personal tasks in project:

  • Creating and designing the entire codebase from the beginning of the project.
  • Developing a design-friendly JSON solution, that our designers could use to create entire dialogue, quiz and ethical choice segments using JSON entirely.
  • Designing unique and interactive puzzles.
  • Making a biology game while knowing very little about biology.

Genre: Educational

Platform: Web

Language: TypeScript

Engine: Phaser 3