Tryhed i praktikken / Gå trygt på arbejde

Tryghed i praktikken / Gå trygt på arbejde is game where you play as a healthcare assistant working with the elderly. In the game there are six unique scenarios that will take you through some of the struggles a healthcare assistant might experience out on the job. Throughout the game you will have to make choices, affecting the scenario’s outcome.

Tryghed i praktikken / Gå trygt på arbejde is the first official game release that I’ve gotten to be a part of, at Ahoot Media. It is also the first game, where I have been the only developer on the project. The game was a contract hire from VoldSomUdtryksform and Socialt Udviklingscenter. They wanted a game created that could be played by healthcare assistant interns or workers newly started on the job. The idea of the game was to give some insight into what situations might occur when working as a healthcare assistant – and how to handle them. The game is free for everyone to try on VoldSomUdtryksform website.

Personal tasks in project:

  • Creating and designing the entire codebase from the beginning of the project.
  • Creating a visual novel system that handles no less than 600+ unique voice and dialogue lines.
  • Adjusting the code base to support easily changing between two game versions (Tryghed i Praktikken / Tryghed på Arbejdet)
  • Quality assurance, testing and project delivery to the customer.

Genre: Educational

Platform: Web

Language: TypeScript

Engine: Phaser 3