World Generation

World Generation is an procedural world generation tool, that creates 2D maps based on the Perlin Noise and Conway’s Game of Life algorithms. This tool was created to give aspiring game developers/designers an idea of how procedural generation works, and how powerful a tool it can be.

World Generation was my final exams project at Dania Games while studying Computer Science. The idea was to create a tool that would complement Protokit – a toolkit for helping young game designers create video games without any coding knowledge. Procedural world generation can be quite complex to understand, which meant that a lot of the focus in this project went into making the tool as user friendly as possible.

Personal tasks in project:

  • Creating functional algorithms based on Perlin Noise and Conway’s Game of Life
  • Designing a user friendly unity inspector for the different generators
  • Making adaptable tiles (ruletiles)
  • Testing and adjusting the tool based on feedback from 8th grade testers

Genre: Educational / Procedural World Generation

Platform: PC

Language: C#

Engine: Unity