Cave Light

Two lowly slimeblobs called Akili and Imara were shifting through the depths of the endless caverns. But one day a piece of rock fell from the roof of the cave and illuminated the caverns with a beautiful light. Was there a place beyond this endless darkness? Akili and Imara looked at each other and knew, that they had to try and make it to this new world, a world of cave light.

Cave Light is a fairly old project by now, but I think it still holds up and to this day I’m still proud of the game demo we made. You play as Akili and Imara, two slimes at the button of the foodchain. But with their unique abilities you have to work together through various levels, to finally reach the cave light. I mainly worked on game and level design in this project.

Personal tasks in project:

  • Designing five different levels with different puzzles
  • Creating basic animations for both player slimes
  • Developing and designing abilities for both player slimes
  • Drawing all the ‘beautiful’ game art in photoshop

Genre: Local CO-OP / Platformer / Fantasy

Platform: PC

Language: C#

Engine: Monogame